And sometimes you learn to carry an umbrella.

So since the pouring rain incident my child has carried an umbrella whenever there is a chance of rain.

An argument for the value of NOT being a helicopter parent.

I am really struggling at the moment to find the determination to move forward after getting shot down by someone I saw as a mentor. I think I saw in them what I wanted to see. I don’t know that I see them clearly even now.

But I think about my mother and her decisions to pursue an education and a series of jobs at a time when women just didn’t do that. And I wonder how she found that determination. I am sure she was shot down at points too – that would have been inevitable. I wish I could ask her, how she coped and responded to others when they questioned why she wasn’t married, or wanted to work. Did she just ignore them? Did she just have faith that every thing would work out? Did she pray? Did she not even hear their words?

I think that there was a part of her that was like the character “Pollyanna” – where she was determinedly optimistic and almost would not hear naysayers. I wish I had more of the quality. I guess I can try harder to cultivate it.


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