The Passing of the “Bionic Man” – otherwise known as Jim Jatich…

I met Jim many years ago, and was amazed by him at that time. Here was someone who had his life as he knew it taken away from him, and his response was to become the best person he could be. I think of him as a role model that we could all strive to be like. To be forces for good in the universe. As a young man he was injured diving into a lake – injuries that left him paralyzed – a quadriplegic. I didn’t know him that well, but I never saw him feel sorry for himself – I saw him approach life with an adventurous spirit that wanted to make the world a better place. When he was given the opportunity to participate in research that could improve the lives of quadriplegics, he volunteered for front-line duty – willing to test devices before anyone else, willing to talk with others about his experiences and reassure them, willing to “boldly go where no man (had) gone before”.

I encourage you to google him – you can find old references to an episode of PBS Scientific American Frontiers with Alan Alda that featured Jim, and some interesting articles from the past (People magazine, etc). He was amazing, and I hope I can be half as positive, adventurous and world-changing.


One thought on “The Passing of the “Bionic Man” – otherwise known as Jim Jatich…

  1. I am Jim’s sister and was his caregiver when our parents passed away. It was such a blessing to read this post. I’m so moved that you took the time to let everyone know just how special Jim was. Your right, he accepted his injury and set out to help others. Even after he became sick and faced many new challenges, he still stayed positive, smiled everyday and wanted to change the world. We’ll miss him, he was very special to so many, I hope I am able to be half the person he was. Thank you again,
    Jackie Mesko ( Jim’s sister)

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